lauantai 18. tammikuuta 2014


So.. !

I have to think her name other than Tanith. I've been thinking something like Cereza or such.

I also have been brainstorming her character and it would go something like this;
She is my other charaters (L) step-sister and now she is taking message from their village to Aurora. Even though she is wolf and Aurora is bluefoxwolfdemon thing and why should she care? Well.. I was thinking that Aurora knows her family and where she comes from. And thins character herself is in nobody's side in this huge story. She is wanderer in the forest and like lone-wolf thingy.

I went to outside and took a little photoshoot of her. Haven't chanced her old design yet, so I got a lots of stuff to do with her :>
But it was so cold so I couldn't take very good photos of her.. :< And my fingers froze..
So yeah, photos:

This one was from the inside. As you can see, it's so dark these days..
I'm sorry for the bad quality of the photos, I don't know what happened to them... Maybe I'll take more shoots of her when it gets a little bit warmer.. :>

YEAAAH, SHE'S HERE ! Can't wait to get to the photostories with her :>

(And because of this lady, my cosplay project hasn't gone any further)

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