maanantai 17. helmikuuta 2014

Trip to Spain

So ! Hello everyone~! :>

I had this absolutely awesome short-notice trip to Spain at 7.-15.2. I've been in Malaga, Spain, many many times but this was the first time I was actually grown up and did manage in the airport on my own. Of course my little sister was my companion. We had so much fun ! I can't wait to go there again. :>

The trip itself didn't start at the best way as possible. Our luggage didn't come to Spain with us, 'cause Finnair changed it's plain before our flight and they didn't take all our luggages because of some safety thing (some weight issues, i think). But we waited few days and we got them on Monday. Yay.


We ate almost everyday in restaurant and gawd they were good ! :> My little sister tasted sushi for the first time - she didn't like it that much, heh. I liked it very much though.

And oh those desserts ! It's a shame that it was so cold day when I ate this, but I still loved it :>
There was white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. And for chocolate lover like me, it was a dream come true ! : D

And we most of the time just walked around and ate and played card. So I just post some random pictures we took below:

And this is our hotel. It was a little bit windy. ..jk :D
Here and there were wild cats, and this mum was so cute. shame that I couldn't pet her.

And there was this art exhibition. What a great piece of art there was. 
Oh the ocean, how I miss u :'<

For some reason, my little sister did not approve my woolen stockings D:

Me, my sister and stupid selfies in spare time.

And the most common thing I did was playing Pokémon X ´:D
And there are so many other photos, but now I am too lazy. I am going to go and grab some coffee. Maybe next time I'll get more into cosplay stuff and Pokémon. :>

I dunno.

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