maanantai 13. tammikuuta 2014

News and stuff..

Hey ya~!

Apparently I just bought SOOM Cuprit from Finnish forums ´:D
You can read about her in here (her owner's blog): Isn't she pretty?
She was a bit expensive, so I think I'll have to sell my SOOM Alex head and maybe even my Dollmore Momo. It's a shame, but I need to get money for somewhere .. :P And I wasn't planing to even buy new doll in a while. But when there is a change to get something rare and beautiful, sometimes you have to take a leap of fate. ´:>
Now I am currently working on her character. And we will see what I'll come up with :3 I'll post another blog about her when she gets her new home :>

And there are so many dolls I would want to get, but I don't have money, free space nor time for that.. ´:D

I've been slowly working on my cosplay.. So there is not much new about it.
Me and my sister styled our wigs in the other day, it's so heavy that bobby pins don't hold it.. Annnd I fixed my shoulder part and I'll have to polish it a bit. I also made pattern for my chest piece and leg pieces. I'll get to the worbla part soon. :> Gosh, cosplay is so expensive hobby.. I'll need to get some fur for Elin's ear and tail - gotta go to the Kangastukku. Don't like the place that much. But oh well..

But hey ! There is finally snow out there~
So there is a bit more light and maybe someday I can go and take some photoshoot of my BJDs :>
So I guess there will be more doll updates coming soon....

my Cuprit already shipped and it will come anyday now...! Can't wait!

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  1. Et oo Elliotin myymisestä puhunu mulle mitään D: Kauheeta! Tee siitä ees tyttö tai jotain eläkä myyyyyy... ku ei noista hirveesti voi pyytää, sen 150 ehkä. Alex pää taas taitaa olla about sen 200? Toisaalta, koska se oli tollanen "harvinaisuus" eikä sitä oo vissiin sen julkasun jälkeen tullukkaa enempää nii voi siitä pyytää vähä enemmänki?

    1. Miten sit maksoin siitä Alexista alunperin nii paljon jos siitä ei saa melkeen mitään? Entä jos myisin sen kokonaisena?

      Ja koska se Momo vie tällä hetkellä vaan tilaa enkä tee sillä mitään. Elliotille ehkä joskus uus moldi. ´:>