tiistai 24. joulukuuta 2013

For the first time in foreverrrr~♪

So yeah.. more Frozen posts! yayyy :>

I'm a bit sad that my Internet doesn't (I have to use my phone to connect to the Internet) and I can't watch youtube videos. And so I can't listen Frozen songs enough :'(

But oh well, I have found my favorite song:

Annnnnnnd I really, really, really like Elsa.. Oh no..  She is so gorgeous. I love both of Elsa's costumes, but I've promised to my sister that I would cosplay Anna, if we're ever gonna cosplay these sisters. ´:>
And as I sad in my previous post: I do love Anna and her character a lot, but I can't find suitable costume that I'd like to make. And I don't want to force it. And my name is Anna, so it's natural that I would cosplay Anna. But Elsa is so.. mature and gorgeous and oh my. Would totally love to cosplay her..

I don't know what to do ;__;

And I have this Frozen fever also, 'cause my darling sister got Disney Infinity for x-mas present. And Elsa and Anna were included.

And darling Rapunzel~
But yeah.. 
I really, reallly liked the movie and now I can't wait for the DVD and Blueray versions !
And I also try not to post more Frozen posts, but I can't promise you anything yet ;)

Oh and all of you, merry christmas :)

Darn, I love Frozen songs - stuck in my head. ´:> 

Let it go, let it goooo~♪

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