maanantai 23. joulukuuta 2013

As everything begins to freeze..

..well no, but..

Let's talk about what I've been up to !
I have recently watched few movies that have been in theaters: Hunger games, the Hobbit and today I went to watch Disney' Frozen :> I had so much fun with all those movies, but I'll talk about the most recent, Frozen, this time..

I got sick again and had fever and so I didn't go to watch it with my sisters. But oh how my sisters talked about it when I did get better, so I decided it must be today. And so me and my friend went to movies and it was a BLAST! Only thing I didn't like was some of those songs. Yea, there is many good ones, but then there are others that I'm not so into. My sister constantly talks about how we should cosplay Elsa and Anna. She as Elsa and I'm as Anna. After seeing movie it has been better and better idea. But first we have to finish our Elin cosplays :P 

And as we are talking about cosplay...

Anna's costume itself seems a bit weird, I think. I do love her character and would love to cosplay her, but those costumes.. I can't find anything I would actually like to make from toes to head. 
And as for Elsa.. Well I love her design, character and her hair but I guess my sister has already plans for her :>
But I will check that Frozen cosplay thing later and maybe I'll find "something nice to wear" ;)
Would be totally rad if we could do those Frozen costumes for some winter con.

But yeah, it's time for me to go to bed and think about this over night. It's already 24.12 so happy x-mas y'all ! :> Hope you're having great time with your family and stuff :)

I'll probably post something later on and add some more stuff about Frozen, but oh well.. to tired to think about it now.... 

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