lauantai 7. joulukuuta 2013

Clam before the storm..

..was talking about the upcoming cosplay update storm :D

Just quick update that I'd like to share:

I just saw this video and I felt a bit proud of my sister :> Love how her ears move~

I was going to tell her, but she was already sleeping so I didn't want to wake her up (she would get so angry ;__;'), maybe she will find out about this tomorrow :3

Even tough it's not such a big deal, but I think it's awesome that people find her cute and recognize her around the Internet. I actually did find some photos of our League of Legends cosplays at Tumblr and some other blogs which is also kind of cool. :3

Today we actually had some sister-time and went to buy fabrics for our cosplays. I had so much fun! I also tasted Bubble Tea for the first time! At the evening we took photos of all our cosplay wigs and sandwiches and stuff~  :>

I'll upload more cosplay things to my next blog, but I'll keep this one short. :>

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  1. Apua, iik mitä tapahtu? ;_; Hui.. julkisuutta.. Mistä ihmeestä tollanen löyty? Mä mietinkin miten yhtäkkiä mun blogissa oli yhen päivän aikana käynyt 28 kurkkaamassa.. ah, miten tästä selvitytyy..
    Tamako market giffit <3