lauantai 14. joulukuuta 2013

Random things and cosplay stuff~

Hello everyone~!

Hope you all are having very neat December. I am waiting for x-mas, there will be lots of food and lights and music and family together and... Yea, I hope it will be great :> Also I'd hope that I could spent this New Year with my friends, but we'll see ;)

It has been so cold last few weeks so I'm always feeling ill. And because of Kaamos I am always sleepy, so it's the worst time to do anything, especially something as important as cosplay. But I hope I'll get better at some point... :P

I am so sad that here isn't any snow D: It always melts away. And now there is ice everywhere and I fall and hurt something.. like last time i did hurt my knee..

But yeah, let's talk about cosplay.

I've been working with my Elin cosplay a while now and lets see what I have made so far (sorry for the crappy photos :'D):
My wig came another day, and I love it! It need styling of course, but when my sister will have time we'll style this and her wig at the same time.

I went to fabric store as I said at my last post. And bought this furry fur. It's black but my camera for no reason it turned it.... brown? Also this fabric is IRL blue:

I've spent my time with these shoulders, it's a lot of work, but it's rewarding :> They're not even nearly ready, but I've had a great time building these :> I used a wallpaper paste and news paper to cover masking tape and dry it with hair dryer. Then I just covered it with pulp :>

I've also painted two of my gems to red with different nail polishes :>

I finally choose a weapon I'd like to make, let's see how it will turn out.. ´:>

There is a lot thing to do, but I'm happy that I have made this many things already and I am currently working with my shoulders :>

I need more room to my cosplay stuff... ;__;

...and I can't work with Worbla yet, 'cause I was so dummy and forgot to buy hot air blower.. darn.

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